mission statement

Our mission is to be the premiere childcare facility in the Mercer County area by providing quality care and education at affordable rates.


Since we believe that each child develops at his/her own rate, a developmentally appropriate curriculum has been established which emphasizes learning through play. It is designed to assist in the growth and development of the whole child, ensuring that he/she will become a self-confident, independent, and active learner. There is no ideal formula for educating children and we do not pretend to have one. However, what we do have is the common sense to use what works, no matter what school of thought it is from. By incorporating as many methods as possible, the child will be provided with a custom education, uniquely suited to his/her needs.

Ultimately, we want to be partners with you in caring for your child. We will complement your child’s home and family life and help prepare him/her for the years to come.